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Be the first to earn an 800+ credit score by correctly answering questions

about credit most people THINK they know.

"Fix. Your. Credit!"

These are the three words that changed my life forever.

These words didn't come from an ad for a credit repair service or my financial advisor; these words came directly out of the mouth of someone I deeply admired and respected. This wasn't a judgement, this was a call to action and an admonishment that changed my entire life. Was I embarrassed? Yes! Was I shocked? Absolutely! But after giving me a mandate, this person spent the next 45 minutes educating me about the importance and power of having good credit as a person of color. One conversation from someone incredibly successful that looked like me impacted me so deeply because it made me see what was possible. I was no longer ashamed of my credit score, afraid of credit or misinformed. This conversation empowered me to educate myself and in turn heal my credit, adopt healthy financial and credit practices, and learn how to strategically use credit to create opportunities and build generational wealth.

"Why is this called
The Black Credit Conversation?"

There’s a stigma that exists in our community regarding debt, credit, wealth and poverty. This stigma exists because culturally we were not taught or encouraged to talk about certain things.

As long as we continue to avoid these topics that greatly impact our communities and families, the socioeconomic and wealth gap between us and other communities will only continue to widen.


My goal is to finally remove that stigma by making it easier for us to have those uncomfortable conversations. The Black Credit Conversation is about giving you the the knowledge and tools to be successful as a potential borrower and consumer. Credit education is the key to prepare our young people to be financially successful in the future.

In this day and age being financially sound and having good credit is an INVALUABLE key to gaining wealth. A good credit score makes financial security possible as well as boundless other opportunities. Credit in the hands of a person with both the discipline and knowledge to utilize it correctly is NOT “a Trap”... but a POWERFUL tool that can CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

I invite you to join this conversation that I have been having with my family, friends and community about the power and potential of credit. It’s a conversation that’s changing lives both individually and collectively for future generations to come.

I'd love to help you start the conversation in your home, school, church and community today!


I AM NOT a lawyer, CPA, credit analyst, debt repair specialist or any of those things. I encourage every group and person I speak with to DO THEIR OWN RESEARCH


I am someone that messed up financially at a very early age due to a lack of knowledge, but eventually dug myself out of "the trap" and learned this credit game and industry and changed my life for the better. 


I like to refer to The Black Credit Conversation as a tool that is literally changing people's lives. It's not a magic wand or an overnight cure. It is an experience. An experience that is breaking bonds and setting families free from generations of bad financial decisions, mis information and unnecessary secrets. 

This conversation is for anyone that is ready to change their lives by understanding the power of having good credit, good financial habits and the right information.

"I don't care how much money you save or how much money you have in the bank. One day you will have to face your credit score."


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One Conversation At A Time
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"I reached out to Brandee after growing tired of trying to figure out the credit game on my own!  My credit was already “good”, but not good enough for me to operate the way I wanted to in business or in my personal life. After letting go of what I thought I knew and using the knowledge I was learning from our conversations about my credit and business goals, I was able to SIGNIFICANTLY improve my situation. Brandee educated me on how creditors operate, what they look for and how to become more credit worthy!  Yes, my credit score increased due to her assistance, but equally if not more important,

my credit is now working for me!  I am now able acquire the credit lines that  I need, when I need them, without anxiety and doubt.  And it keeps getting better as I follow the healthy credit habits and strategies I'm learning from having this ongoing "Conversation."

I am so grateful that one conversation turned into an entire learning session...and Learn is exactly what happened.  For many years I thought paying with cash was better than paying with credit.  Therefore, I never concentrated on my credit.  It never occurred to me that in order for me to grow my business I needed to have a strong credit history.  Once I told Brandee that I had been getting turned down for business related things she asked me what did my credit look like.  I told her I did not know because I did not have any personal credit cards...once she took the time to view my credit she explained to me that my scores were low because I had no credit.  She explained to me that having no credit was just as bad as having bad credit.  After that one conversation I got to work on her
recommendations and within 45 days she was able to help me take my credit score from a 0 to a 780.  It was amazing!!!! I can’t believe something so simple was so hard for me to talk about.  Brandee took the stigma away from talking about credit.  She spoke to me in a no judgment manner.  I’m so glad that I let my guard down and just listened to what she had to say.  She is extremely educated when it comes to helping you understand the ins and outs of getting and maintaining excellent credit.. I have recommended her to all my family & friends.  Thank You B!

"This journey has been life changing for me and my company. With one conversation I was well on the way to healing and reestablishing my credit. My score has increased by 200+ points,

I submitted a letter she gave me to the credit bureaus and a derogatory entry was removed from my credit file within less than 30 days (something I had been trying to do for over eleven months), I was able to purchase another car with a low interest rate, and I now have multiple lines of credit and I'm moving forward.

My conversations with Brandee, and follow through, have been invaluable and it is Changing My Life! I am no longer living paycheck to paycheck and am able to “B-R-E-A-T-H-E!”

If you are still doing the same things you have been doing and expecting different results…..just STOP! Get in touch and have the Black Credit Conversation and I PROMISE you will turn your finances, your business AND….your LIFE

around for the better!"

Brenda B. Chavis
BBC Counseling & Support Services

Sandi Spells

Sandi Spells Design



Thank you for your interest in being a part of the Black Credit Conversation.

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